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Docuvault offers a spot-on file management solution for Caspian.

DocuVault Offers Spot-On File Management Solution for Caspian 

A registered Investment Adviser with SEBI, Caspian invests equity and debt capital in socially responsible, high-quality enterprises in India, to generate social and/or environmental impact combined with a competitive financial return. With a track record of making investments and supporting some of the best-known social impact enterprises, they look for companies with innovative business models and high-quality entrepreneurs that deliver through social and/or environmental performances.

Caspian is a Certified B Corporation, which means it’s a for-profit company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems ethically and transparently. Caspian is the first Indian Impact Investing firm to be granted this certification.​ 

Salesforce Document Management

Inadequacies and Challenges

Being a Non-Banking Financial Company with large quantities of documentation and paperwork, Caspian needed a Salesforce file storage facility with high storage capacity and an efficient Salesforce file management system. Since they were using Salesforce as a Loan Originating System to simplify their disbursement process and Nelito, a banking software solution as their Loan Management System, it was important that the file exchange between these two software programs was smooth. With Salesforce document management application, they would have faced the challenge of limited storage and wouldn’t have been able to customize it as per their requirements. Moreover, an easy exchange of files between different software programs was also uncertain.

Glitch-free Integration and Operations

The diverse features that Docuvault, a Salesforce document management application offers were best suited for Caspian. It enables the user to share files (including the large ones) with their clients through communities. It also allows attaching files to any Salesforce record and downloading/ viewing/ uploading files from any mobile device. 

Not only did the Salesforce file management app Docuvault integrate seamlessly with Amazon S3 for Caspian, but it also helped to sync their documents with Nelito. As Docuvault uses AWS S3 as its backend storage platform, if the files were uploaded to S3, the same documents could be accessed from Nelito. Similarly, the files uploaded on Nelito were accessed from S3. This functionality not only reduced Caspian’s loan disbursement time drastically but also helped move things faster. 

With Salesforce file storage Docuvault, the upload components were customized, and additional information was captured by adding the preferred custom fields. Apex, process flows, and triggers were also leveraged to build their own process flow. And certainly, this helped Caspian function flawlessly, with no technical malfunction whatsoever.

Further Advantages

With prompt customer support, all issues and queries related to the Salesforce document management app DocuVault were resolved within no time. However, an outstanding feature of Docuvault that deserves a special mention is that it helped reduce the company’s storage cost and save more money in addition to cost-effective pricing. Henceforth, this alliance with Caspian is a true-blue case for Salesforce customer success stories.