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Better document management on Salesforce with Amazon S3

File storage exceeded! This warning sign not only pauses your organization’s storage expansion ability but also, adds an additional cost. With more file storage, you would need to employ technology with enhanced file and folder management abilities. With exponential This is a challenge that persists for all Salesforce users since its inception and now you have a solution!DocuVault, a document management and storage solution, integrates your Salesforce with Amazon S3. Adding more bandwidth to your storage needs at an extremely low cost. DocuVault solves the problems assigned towards the upload process, document management and mass updates.

Here is how DocuVault can substitute Salesforce Document Management

  1. Seamless upload process : Typically, users have to upload one file at a time with Salesforce attachments, making it cumbersome and time taking if you have to upload multiple files. With DocuVault you can upload multiple files with the click of the upload button or simply drag and drop multiple files into the salesforce record and files get uploaded automatically.
  2. File size limits :  Salesforce attachments restrict the file size to 25 MB. With DocuVault enables you to onboard files with no file size restriction.
  3. Folder management : Salesforce does not allow you to upload and organize files into folders for any record. Especially if you have a lot of documents under a record then finding the attachments is a problem. With DocuVault you can organise files into folders which can be easily accessed later.
  4. Expensive File Storage : Salesforce file storage is very expensive once the organization exceeds the Quota. DocuVault uses Amazon S3 as the storage platform with Storage Costs starting as low as $ 0.0030 Per GB/Month
  5. File Requests : With DocuVault you can create unique file request links which can be shared to customers who do not have Salesforce access. Customers will be able to attach files using the File Request link. Once the upload is complete all the files get attached to the relevant Salesforce record with an option of the Owner of the record getting notified. This can completely eliminate the use of Email or other system for Document Collection.
  6. Ability to customize : Being a native Salesforce App all the standard functionality like chatter, reporting, Custom Fields, workflows and approvals, roles and profiles for file access can be used for DocuVault. This is not possible with Salesforce Attachments.
  7. Limited Security and sharing options : Salesforce Attachments has a very limited sharing model. DocuVault uses the Salesforce Record sharing Model (Roles, Profiles and Sharing rules) giving Admins more flexibility on access permissions.
  8. Integrate and share documents between multiple systems : DocuVault uses AWS S3 as the backend Storage platform. Once files are uploaded to S3 the same documents can be used by Salesforce and third party applications (Heroku, Communities, SAP, Dynamics etc).

DocuVault is designed not only to enhance your current storage needs but also, equip you with folder management, reduced data costs, custom-level permissions and swift support to get it up and running. To add such value get DocuVault here , the basic version is FREE.