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DocuVault facilitates seamless and secure file sharing for Plum Street Advisors

Great, simple, streamlined product, DocuVault serves all of our needs in sharing files securely with clients and prospects. The interface is easy to use and seamless in its function. Nothing fancy, it just gets the job done well at the right price point. And with a little customization from the great team at Bigworks, we’ve turned it into a customised platform that we’re proud to share with potential clients.

- Jamie Osborn

All about Plum Street Advisors

Plum Street Advisors LLC is a financial advisory firm that specializes in wealth management and investment strategies. With a client-centric approach, they prioritize building solid client relationships and providing personalized financial solutions. As part of their operations, sales teams engaged in Salesforce CRM needed a secure and efficient method to share confidential documents with prospects and clients. 

And this is where DocuVault came in. 

Challenges Plum Street Advisors faced: 

Before adopting DocuVault, Plum Street Advisors’ teams encountered challenges when attempting to share and receive confidential information securely, especially with prospects who were yet to be clients. The company additionally didn’t want to make and maintain accounts for each contacted prospect. 

The company, as well as the elderly customers unfamiliar with technology, needed a convenient, streamlined, and flexible solution that didn’t need passwords, separate accounts or consistent user maintenance. 

Since multiple external parties were involved in the document-sharing process, Plum had to devote significant resources and opt for solutions that were cumbersome, time-consuming and added unnecessary complexity. 

After opting for DocuVault: 

The adoption of DocuVault was beneficial for Plum Street Advisors in many ways. 

To begin with, the general user account structure and upload-only links allow prospects to upload sensitive information without Plum having to maintain additional external user accounts and passwords. Thus streamlining the document-sharing process without friction for clients as well potential prospects. 

Next, DocuVault was easy to use for most prospects, especially the elderly ones, and also offered great customer support for those who needed it. For their client communication system, integration of DocuVault due to its user-friendly interface, ensured accessibility for everyone involved. 

Lastly, by eliminating the need for password management, sharing or working with a large number of files, while still maintaining a secure environment, thus leading to faster consumer conversion and satisfaction.        

Jamie Osborn from Plum Street Advisors says – “ We are quite satisfied with DocuVault’s exceptional customer support, particularly when we have encountered troubles or issues. The prompt assistance and responsiveness of the support team, played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing usage of the product ”.

A Game-Changer for Document Storage

By adopting DocuVault, Plum Street Advisors successfully addressed their challenges related to secure document sharing with prospects and clients. The ease of use, flexible user account structure, file request, and personalised customer support offered by DocuVault have become integral components of their communication system. 

DocuVault has streamlined their document-sharing processes, provided a secure environment for confidential information, and enhanced overall operational efficiency for Plum Street Advisors.