Looking to send Salesforce mass email? Wondering how to send out mass emails? Salesforce, powered by the expert guidance of CRM consultants, can easily automate this tedious process for you, so you can send unlimited emails with no salesforce email limits, in just a few minutes!

Launched by Bigworks Technologies, Contacto is a Salesforce mass email app. Touted as the ultimate emailing app for salesforce, Contacto can be essentially used for all your marketing, transactional, and all other communicative emails from within Salesforce. Not only can you send mass email salesforce, you can also send mass email salesforce campaigns. While emails can be sent from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Cloud, and out of any Salesforce objects, sending out your best promotional emails and converting leads into customers should also be a cakewalk. Our easy-to-use tools and clever interface help achieve more through simple and efficient ways.


Pros and cons of Einstein Activity Capture

A feature available on Salesforce, Einstein Activity Capture connects your emails and calendar events from your Office 365 and Google accounts and adds them to the activity timeline of the related Salesforce records. Also syncing all your team’s customer communications automatically, Einstein Activity Capture eliminates the need to enter all your activities in Salesforce manually. But should you even go for Einstein Activity Capture?


Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

If your company uses Salesforce in any capacity, then you must’ve heard of CPQ. While it’s evident that it plays a key role in the process of sales, you may be wondering whether Salesforce CPQ is right for you. Statistics show that sales reps spend most of their time generating quotes and composing proposals than focusing on closing deals. And here’s where CPQ emerges as the best solution to help streamline the process and management practices. But why choose Salesforce CPQ at all?

With CPQ, organizations can transform their sales operations and efficiency. But beyond that, there are a few key benefits of Salesforce CPQ that you ought to know. (more…)