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Manage Your Salesforce File Storage With DocuVault! 

The introduction of salesforce has led to the technical innovations for many companies. From Google to Facebook, several conglomerates have adapted to this platform primarily from the backing of the abilities that it brings with itself. From managing customer relations to analysing your team’s performances to understanding how your clients are operating, the Salesforce app has made the impossible possible. But as the saying goes – “With great power comes great responsibility” it stands true in the case of salesforce. Although the abilities that the salesforce app brings to the table are vast, we feel there are a few things we do to take it to the next level.

One of the most evident aspects where we believe that we at Docuvault can bring more to the table is with Salesforce Document Management. For example, if a company wishes to upload documents and files onto the application, it was previously a task. As we would like to define it, the standard salesforce storage is rather complicated, expensive, and restrictive . That seemed like a barrier and we are here to challenge that and much more. We from BIGWORKS bring you an application that holds the capacity to challenge the task of storage and completely re-imagine the way one may look at salesforce document management. We bring you DocuVault! An application that intends to stand true to its promise of changing the way file storage works. Here is everything you need to know about DocuVault and how it can revolutionise the situation of salesforce document management

Improved Management 

Are you one of those companies that wishes to have improvised salesforce document management in a way that you get better record management? We got you covered. With Docuvault, you can now completely revamp the way you look at file management. With the click of a button, you enjoy the liberty of uploading all the files automatically. You also get the opportunity to do the same with the drag and drop feature. Eventually minimising the efforts put in for file management. 

Empowered File Management

The functionalities of Salesforce are great, but have you ever faced the challenge of not being able to manage files on salesforce? Yeah, we understand your perspective and bring to you the easy ability to organize your folders under any record. Yes, you heard it right. Any record. Now what does that mean? That means that when in future you want to sit down and search for a particular file of a particular project, it can be done in a fraction of time. Thus, saving your time and efforts. 

Sophisticated File Sharing and Requesting

In Salesforce, you may have often felt that sharing files and folders with people outside the application may be a challenge. With the addition of DocuVault to your Salesforce, we intend to eliminate the problem from its root. With public and password protected links, you can now share folders or request access to files from anyone. Another added perk of this is that you truly enjoy all the benefits of real-time salesforce document management

Enhanced Microsoft 365 Edits

When you want to edit a document on the salesforce app, you had to download the document, edit it and then re-upload it just so you can have the updated version of it. Enter DocuVault and your need to do the same is totally eliminated. With this addition, you can effortlessly focus on editing the document and leave the hassle of downloading andnre-uploading behind. Now, this seems like a really great addition to Salesforce. Doesn’t it? 

These are just some of the most prominent features of DocuVault brought to you by BigWorks. We also bring to you the benefits of Thumbnails that allow you to better manage your data on the salesforce app. We believe that this addition is bound to ease out your work and create a user experience like none other. If you are still confused or have any questions about how this platform can be of use to your enterprise, our team of trained professionals would be more than happy to help you in understanding that and create an experience for you like never before.