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Managed Services

Your strategic support partner for a smooth and seamless salesforce journey

What is Salesforce Managed Services ?

Running a company or simply managing a business in the digital world comes with its own challenges. While you may have a wider consumer reach or increased numbers to show, it also involves adopting products which may be a bit challenging to handle. One of them being customer relationship management platforms, or Salesforce.

Nowadays, Salesforce has become crucial for many businesses to keep track of their sales and marketing efforts. One can derive growth and efficiency with customer data, create customised targeted campaigns, and more.However, many run into challenges while trying to pull it off. For example, lack of help during a situation, not having a sales force admin to constantly communicate with, handling larger projects or specific situations without sufficient information; etc.

But what’s the solution?

Salesforce managed services. It’s flexible, business friendly and a cost effective solution to handle your Salesforce platform with ease and accomplish exactly what you need to. What you need is a little bit of help in maximum utilization of the platform without having to hire or access expensive resources.

And here is where we come in. With BigWorks technologies managed Salesforce services you can utilise dedicated employees at a low Salesforce managed services pricing to help you run your services smoothly. All the while without having to hire additional full-time resources or compromising on security.

As a Salesforce certified consulting and ISV partner, we’ve amassed expertise of over 13 years in Salesforce specialising in implementation and integration additionally. We’ve also developed multiple products and solutions within Salesforce and have experts on board who come with a thorough understanding of the technology. Along with 24/7 alert monitoring and division of labour, your business can access faster technology deployment without additional spending.

What We Offer as Salesforce Managed Service Providers

Some of the most important aspects of what we handle are:

Strategic planning

From setting priorities to strengthening operations, we work hand in hand with your business and partake in establishing your mission and vision.

Salesforce admin

You’ll have access to experienced and efficient tech experts to guide you through every problem, along with all the resources and tools you need to carry out any tasks.

Salesforce optimization

Not only do we address your configuration and development-related issues, but also improve your operations by offering modern and effective ideas.


We ensure your data is kept safe and secure and update your software, so your work becomes automated and stays updated.

Integration Support

We assist in accomplishing your goals by handling integration monitoring, troubleshooting, custom API integrations, etc., which includes helping your team with all the data they need

Analytics reports and dashboards:

With access to reports, dashboards, and metrics that most matter to you, we give you a bird’s-eye view of your business and customer requirements.


We can help you train your entire team on the Salesforce platform, including admins, end-users, and executives.

Data migration

We keep your data backed up safely and ensure integration, documenting, validation, MDM, etc. so you can keep up-to-date with all the processes and access your data when you need it.

Lightning migration

You can trust us with the daunting process of shifting from Classic to Lightning. We’ll ensure you’re always one step ahead.


Duration – 40 hours per month

Turnaround – 1 Day


Duration – 80 hours per month

Turnaround – Half-a-Day


Duration – Dedicated full-time experts

Turnaround – Always available