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Big Files.
Many Files

Save time and money with easy file storage for salesforce.

File Storage built for Salesforce

Salesforce users can now upload, access and share large files from within Salesforce and Salesforce1. DocuVault is a seamless integration between Salesforce and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to securely store and retrieve files from within Salesforce.

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Faster. Cheaper. Better.

Standard Salesforce file upload is complicated and restrictive. DocuVault allows you to store files of any size easily. You benefit from the simplicity of Amazon file storage (S3) integrated with Salesforce. Docuvault users can upload as many, and as big documents as they need right from their Salesforce interface without paying bulky storage bills to the CRM provider.

Use Cases

Passionate about solving problems through creative communications. Offering affordable goods.

Document Management

Securely upload documents, images, and videos using 256-bit AES encryption.

Salesforce Communities

Customers and partners can view and upload documents using Salesforce Communities

File Sharing

Generate password protected links for files and folders and share with a simple link via Email

Automate Document Process

Build your own document process by leveraging custom fields, process flows, triggers, apex and visualforce

Web To Lead/Case Attachments

Add file upload capability to Web2Lead and Web2Case forms.

Archive Documents

Reduce file storage costs by moving salesforce attachments to AWS S3.

 Customer Satisfaction

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