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Operatie Mobilisatie’s Dutch branch has streamlined their email Communication with Contacto


Operatie Mobilisatie, is a religious organisation with a focus on setting up communities around the globe. To reach users in their region , the Dutch branch of Operatie Mobilisatie needed an email marketing tool to reach the right target audience, and additionally, a user-friendly application that could seamlessly integrate with their Salesforce CRM to improve their email communication via their Salesforce records. 

Discovery of Contacto

Operatie Mobilisatie first learned about Contacto through the Salesforce AppExchange. As they were actively seeking an email solution that could simplify their communication processes within Salesforce, they decided to explore Contacto. As Contacto was easy to set up, accessible by their teams across the Netherlands and didn’t need extensive instructions, the adoption process went by smoothly.

Implementing Contacto within their organisation

Operatie Mobilisatie found Contacto to be a highly effective tool for their email communication needs. It seamlessly integrated with their Salesforce CRM, making it much easier to use than their previous email tools. This integration allowed them to work with live data directly from Salesforce and utilise merge fields in their emails, streamlining their communication process and ensuring data accuracy.

Additionally, with Contacto Operatie Mobilisatie was able to garner engagement, streamline acquisition and spread the word about their operations with those who followed them. They were able to conduct campaigns all across the Netherlands via email that they simultaneously coordinated with social media. 

Measurable Benefits:

  • Efficiency : The integration with Salesforce eliminated the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Data Accuracy : Working with live Salesforce data ensured that the email communication was always based on the most up-to-date information.
  • Simplified Workflow : The ease of use and Salesforce integration made it straightforward for their team to send emails directly from Salesforce records.

What Set Contacto Apart

Operatie Mobilisatie chose Contacto over other options primarily for two key reasons:

  • Price: Contacto offered a cost-effective solution that met their budget requirements without compromising on quality. As compared to the other applications in the market, Contacto offered the most benefits and was financially the right app to choose.
  • Salesforce Integration: The seamless integration with Salesforce was a significant selling point, as it allowed them to leverage their existing CRM infrastructure for email communication. This meant that they could send emails from within Salesforce and also make use of the native features like reports and the dashboard for analytics. 

In summary, Contacto proved to be a valuable addition to Operatie Mobilisatie’s Salesforce ecosystem, addressing their need for an email solution that seamlessly integrates with their CRM. The ease of use, Salesforce integration, and cost-effectiveness of Contacto made it the ideal choice, helping them enhance their email communication and overall efficiency. While minor challenges existed, the benefits far outweighed them, resulting in the successful integration of Contacto into their business operations.