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Translate your data into meaningful and actionable information

Analytics for Salesforce

As your business develops, it increasingly becomes important for you to identify new opportunities, make smarter business moves, better your operations, and improve the efficiency of various teams. For this, it is essential to capture all the data that streams into your business and apply analytics to understand various patterns, get specific insights, and make more room to grow.

While Salesforce standard reporting comes in handy here, there are a few challenges that you may have to face with it. Whether it is difficulty in pulling up some complex reports involving data from multiple systems or checking high-end visualization for insights and decision making. Using an analytics platform can help you harness your data as well as transform the way you explore and manage it for sharing insights that can change your business. For instance, you can use it for analyzing sales data from CRM, orders and receivables from an ERP, or product information from an inventory management application.

Tableau Data Analytics

To offer the best of business intelligence and data analytics, we partnered with Salesforce Tableau analytics and Tableau CRM. Being the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform, Salesforce analytics Tableau offers complete, integrated analytics, which helps your company follow a data-driven culture that results in value through powerful outcomes.

Why Bigworks Tableau Data Analytics?

Our team of experts can help transform your data practices. As a Tableau implementation partner, we translate your data into meaningful and actionable information. Through data strategy and implementation, we help you resolve your complex business problems. Here’s how:

Data Planning

We help you create a data strategy. From disparate data sources, we integrate and filter the data to prepare for analytics and generate valuable insights.

Data Visualization

We convert raw data into intuitive dashboards and interactive reporting so that you can identify patterns and trends that allow you to understand your data in new ways and improve decision-making.

Right Analytics

With the best analytics capabilities, our experts help you make the right, insights-driven decisions by mapping the accurate data points and KPIs.

Dashboards Building

To suit your business needs, we create dashboards customizing the data interface in a more actionable manner. We build flexible modern data architectures that grow along with your business.

Business Intelligence

We perform customizations, BI deployments, and upgrades, and design analytics solutions that enable you to do more with your data and help with decision-making.

Data Management

From data planning and cataloging to governance, we can help you build your analytics by using the right data. We set disciplines and techniques for processing, storing, and organizing data.

Analytics Managed Services

We provide analytics through managed services as well. With our Tableau managed services for analytics, you can have your business insights as and when needed.