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Powerful Work
Management Software built
on Salesforce Platform

Track every hour, monitor every task & hit every goal!
WorkOn blends seamlessly into your workflows

360 Degree View with Projects, Tasks and
Employees and Track Profitability

WorkOn is a stellar project and team management tool to help you plan, organize, and manage your team’s work, from start to finish.

Know the When,
Where & How

Have a bird’s eye view of everything Assign tasks, talk to colleagues, add files, track time and reach your goals faster

Carry the Load
As a Unit

Have the right information of what team member is working on which project and what is the workload on their shoulders at any given time. Eventually, solving the crisis of workload management.

Get Working,

Customize WORKON as per your business needs with No Code/Low Code. Every business is unique with their own process and deserves its bespoke software, and WORKON is where that happens!

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