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The ultimate emailing app for salesforce, conducive for all marketing and transactional emails

Result Driven Email Automation For Salesforce

All businesses using Salesforce can use Contacto, a powerful solution for sending out marketing communications and transactional emails from within Salesforce. Emails can be sent within minutes from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and/or Custom Cloud and out of any Salesforce objects (Standard and Custom) since we are essentially built on the Salesforce platform. And honestly, there’s no need to learn anything new. What’s more? Understand your customers with our innovative user statistics facilities.


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Effective, And Uncomplicated Technology

You can send your best promotional emails and covert leads into customers in no time, apart from delivering transactional and other important communications to your patrons. Our easy-to-use tools and clever interface help achieve more through simple and efficient ways. Contacto leverages leading email platforms like AWS, Simple Email Service, and Pardot for email delivery. Hence a prompt delivery with any of the available email sending services is a promise kept.

Use Cases

Passionate about solving problems through creative communications. Offering affordable goods.

Deliver Transactional Emails

Keep your customers informed and delighted by sending automated emails such as purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, order status updates, and policy change notices. These emails can be just as customised as the regular ones.

Schedule Recurring Emails

Send recurring renewal notification emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Deliver Notification Emails

By sending timely information, including system health reports, application alerts, and workflow status updates, keep your customers informed about the updates.

Send Marketing Communications

Use your important data to send out regular emails, and periodical newsletters, and make an impact on your customers.

Stay In Touch With Target Customers

Customize every message every time and communicate with your people your way. Emails can be sent based on data from leads, contacts, opportunity, cases or any custom object.

Email Platforms

Contacto leverages word class email sending services for email delivery

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