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Docuvault makes storing and sharing data easy for Blumark Financial Advisors

Docuvault makes storing and sharing data easy for Blumark Financial Advisors

Blumark financial advisors are a financial advisory practice operated by Ameriprise Financial Services.

Blumark helps customers meet their financial goals primarily focusing on retirement planning, tax planning and wealth preservation. They use a collaborative approach with the customer, sitting down with them to understand their goals, charting a strategy that would achieve the customer reach that goal, documenting and sharing their progress with the customer and making course corrections when required. At the heart of their collaborative approach is an array of digital tools Blumark uses to keep their customers in the loop. Digital tools that help customers store, share and access important documents, send secure messages, use e-signatures, track their progress and manage their money.

The challenges

As BlueMark had to consistently facilitate their process via the Salesforce platform, whether it be for internal or external purposes, their one challenge was the unavailability of a single storage space for all of their documents. Not having a dedicated documentation management system led to loss of precious time searching for relevant documents.

Thus Blumark was on the hunt for a cost effective solution without having to hire resources or create their in-house documentation system. Additionally, they preferred a paperless and seamless solution to perform tasks easily, for example, sharing files in bulk without having to attach them on email every time.

Lastly since BluMark’s impact reporting consisted of client data which can be confidential, they were looking for a solution that would be trustworthy and would keep all information, internal and external, safe and secure.

The ideal documentation system for blue mark would be one that is customizable, cost-effective and tightly integrated with Salesforce

The Solution

After evaluating multiple document management vendors and systems, BluMark decided to go with Docuvault.

DocuVault proved to be the ideal solution as it was cost-effective and didn’t require dedicated resources or software development, all the while being compatible with Salesforce.

With DocuVault, BluMark was able to harness the ability to search for any document and share documents via links. Additionally the document sharing was done with an additional password protection made information sync more seamless and secure than ever.

Amongst many of DocuVault’s features, BluMark preferred the filing system, version history data, and the option to customize their storage as per their internal and external requirements.

One stop solution to document storage

After switching to DocuVault for storage, BluMark found that having one singular place to store documents and share data, with the convenience of one click sharing, was the biggest benefit of DocuVault. They were also able to utilize file request links to get documents quickly and securely within different internal departments, thus saving on precious time which was earlier spent on searching different folders and files for specific documents.

As put by BluMark, the one factor that made DocuVault stand out was additional catering to the need of customization. As BluMark has a comprehensive approach to client service, their business relies heavily towards easy and seamless documentation storage within Salesforce.

With the help of DocuVault quick access to documents and a way to narrow down information BluMark was able to keep their team focused on the right tasks, saving time and also providing sufficient attention towards their clients.