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When it comes to customer service, an overlooked factor is effective document management. Lets see how it plays a role

Customer communication is a key cornerstone in the success of a business. Every time there is a transaction between a customer and a business, think about the amount of communication that occurs. Every cold email, cold call, is essentially a business trying to communicate the value they can add into a customer’s life. Every transaction is a communication where the customer is telling the business, through their wallet, “this is the amount of value your product adds to my life”.

In a recent report by KPMG, 71% of the customers surveyed mentioned they’d only conduct businesses with companies that could provide them a personalised experience. And what better way than to differentiate your business than to personalise the explicit and implicit communication that occurs with your customers.

However this puts businesses in a tricky place. If they’re in a mainstream sector like retail that means they have millions of customers, and while customers may not have long transactional histories, the sheer volume of data they have to sort through to give customers a personal experience is Herculean in nature.

On the other hand there are businesses in niche industries where there are fewer customers, but those customers have long transactional histories, thus again giving businesses tons of data to sift through to give their loyal customers a truly personal experience.

An often underrated and overlooked system when it comes to customer communications is a document management system. The right implementation of a DMS coupled with your CRM can significantly enhance customer communication by streamlining the creation, storage and retrieval of documents and information important to personalise each customer interaction.

  • Centralised Information: When it comes to managing documents, a DMS serves as a one-stop hub for all customer-related files, including contracts, invoices, proposals, and support documentation. This nifty feature guarantees that all customer-facing teams get their hands on the most up-to-date and accurate info, keeping things clear and ensuring smooth communication.
  • Improved Collaboration: With a DMS in place, teams can work together on documents in real-time. Customer service reps, sales teams, and other stakeholders can join forces to create or update customer documents with ease. The result? Faster response times and a major boost in customer service quality.
  • Personalization: DMS has an awesome trick up its sleeve—personalised customer communications. It grants access to customer-specific information and preferences. For example, a savvy salesperson can swiftly pull up a customer’s purchase history and dish out tailor-made recommendations or promotions.
  • Secure Sharing: Worried about privacy and security? Fear not! DMS has you covered with its secure document sharing and distribution options. Rest easy knowing that sensitive information is only shared with authorised folks or customers, safeguarding data like a pro.
  • Faster Response Times: Picture this—customer service reps have quick access to customer info and documents. This translates to lightning-fast responses to inquiries, leaving customers impressed and satisfied.
  • Real-time Updates: Keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates! As soon as documents are edited within the DMS, all authorised users get instant access to the changes. It’s the secret sauce to prevent miscommunication and ensure everyone’s on the same page

If you’re looking for a document management system integrated with Salesforce to bolster your customer communications, DocuVault is one solution that could solve all your needs and requirements. It provides secure transmission, real-time updates, unlimited file storage, access control and foolproof security measures, when it comes to customer data.