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Y-Axis operates seamlessly with Docuvault’s fitting Document management services

With DocuVault, we moved all the Files in Salesforce from SF to AWS S3 storage, which is easy to use and simple to configure. Its real-time integration with SF and all-time access to files despite being stored in other databases are what made DocuVault stand out for us over the other products we considered

- D. Chaitanya, Director, Y-Axis

Y-Axis Operates Seamlessly with DocuVault’s Fitting Document Management Services

One of the Salesforce customer success stories of Bigworks is of Y-Axis. Here are the details.

If you’re hankering after migrating to another country or studying abroad, then Y-Axis is your resort to making your dreams come true. Touted as India’s No.1 overseas career consultants, Y-Axis provides personal one-on-one counseling to individuals for migration, study, and work visas, processes papers, the whole 9 yards! Being licensed recruitment agents in India and IATA travel agents, they operate from offices across India, Dubai, Sharjah, Melbourne, and Sydney and strongly believe that no other company understands overseas careers as they do. They never really had to use the tried-and-tested strategies for marketing; they have succeeded simply with word-of-mouth communication!

Let’s read more about the Salesforce customer success in this case.

Salesforce Customer Success

Dealing with the Shortcomings

To identify the Salesforce customer success of Y-Axis, let’s first look at the challenges the company faced before DocuVault. They faced a few challenges with Salesforce, like limited file storage and open access to files for everyone in the company to view. When file storage limit was getting out of control and access to documents could not be controlled, they felt they needed an app that could address these issues and is tailor-made to fulfill their requirements.

“Upon signing up with DocuVault, we gained more storage for their files as opposed to the 25 MB size restriction of Salesforce. DocuVault enabled us to onboard files with no file size restrictions whatsoever!” shares Chaitanya, the Director of Y-Axis.

Since DocuVault leverages the Salesforce security and record sharing model (Roles, Profiles, and Sharing rules), it also helped the company and its admins to control all access permissions with more flexibility, hence a true case of successful Salesforce case studies.

Operating Seamlessly

DocuVault uses AWS S3 as its backend storage platform. This means that once the files are uploaded to S3, the same documents can be used by Salesforce and third-party applications (Heroku, Communities, SAP, Dynamics, etc). A feature like this helped Y-Axis with not only storage and access facilities but also operate seamlessly with no technical woes. Moreover, with DocuVault’s Computer Telephony Integration, it was effortless for the company to record all their calls and access the files through their Docuvault server.

Benefitting Additionally

“The most appealing feature of DocuVault is the file preview option, with which we can view the content of the file even without downloading it,” shares Chaitanya, who feels that this has helped them in avoiding unnecessary files download. It undoubtedly helps in saving a lot of time and effort!

DocuVault also provides great customer support and resolves all issues within no time. Nonetheless, if there’s one unmatched aspect that DocuVault can boast of, then it’s how it helps reduce a company’s storage cost by manyfold and save more money. Hence this remains as an example for Salesforce customer success stories.

“All in all, it helped us save money without having to compromise on our data security,” concludes Chaitanya, who surely seems convinced of DocuVault.