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Why Switch to Lightning on Salesforce

Soon as Salesforce introduced Lightning Experience, many companies jumped on board the Lightning train. Of course, they would, as it’s a game-changer: it’s fast and sleek and just the thing the CRM needed. However, not many have fully converted due to some fears, perhaps of losing data and customizations or unwillingness to undertake a long project. 

The benefits of Salesforce’s classic to lightning migration outweigh the cons, though. But why even switch from Salesforce classic to lightning, though?

Salesforce classic to lightning migration

Lightning goes beyond the new look and feel. It’s more powerful and robust packed with smarter sales features, making the experience much breezier for sales teams. You can develop apps at a lightning speed, access insights, and even sell at a faster rate. 

If you’re thinking Salesforce’s classic to lightning migration challenges are high, you should know lightning is all about speed, functionality, and features. You can also unlock many quantifiable benefits, including higher ROI and sales numbers, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced service costs.

Why Switch to Lightning on Salesforce

From enhancing the efficiency and productivity of sales reps to changing the way businesses sell – here’s why companies who are still on the classic need to finally make that conversion. You can learn about how to switch from salesforce classic to lightning once you’re convinced with the following points.

Updates: Salesforce decided not to invest further in Salesforce classic. So, to leverage the exciting new features and functions of the platform, companies must embrace the Lightning Experience. While the new lightning functionality is available in every release, the classic version will no longer receive these updates.

Dynamical UI: The UI of the Lightning version is more dynamic and sleeker than the classic. Lightning makes your Salesforce experience seamless no matter the device, mobile, or laptop. Lightning is all about features that help in productivity, innovation, and flexibility to its users.

Sales Productivity: Salesforce’s Sales Path helps Admins to classify the key stages a lead or opportunity needs to complete. It also allows highlighting important fields that need to be completed by stage. This way, reps can enter key information faster and close deals quicker. records from the List View can be easily managed with Kanban. 

Duplicate Management: Lightning offers better duplicate account management, where Users can add the potential duplicates component to a page via the Lightning App Builder. Duplicates can also be merged easily on various objects. 

Better and Cleaner: Salesforce’s dashboards produce reports that just look better in Lightning. While the information is the same, the charts are robust and more have visually appealing dashboards. Also, reports look the same on mobile as they do on desktop. 

Lightning Communities: Lightning Communities and Experience go hand in hand when coupled together. Many Lightning-built components offer a streamlined experience from the Community. 

User Experience: Dynamic forms improve the user experience and page layout creation, which admins will just love. It allows them to place fields and sections wherever on the page layout. When fields are loaded into components, the page performance improves, and visibility rules can be used to show and hide sections. 

So, why not start investing in Lightning now?! Bigworks Technologies has highly skilled experts available and ready to help your organization switch to the Lightning Experience. Contact us now to begin your Lightning journey!