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Easily migrate from your existing document management systems to Docuvault

When it comes to storing files, one can never anticipate how much space they might need or when to switch to another storage solution. Today, numerous storage solutions are available to businesses, but each comes with its own drawback.

Different file storage systems

Usually, users signed on to Salesforce have trouble managing their document collections. Whether it comes to storage limits or network issues, there are many problems one can run into. To illustrate:

  1. Salesforce file storage: Businesses who have signed up for Salesforce use its native storage for files and attachments. But due to its storage restrictions (only 2-10 GB) and low upload limit (25 MB), it’s not fit for the requirements of a large or growing business and can prove to be very expensive over time.
  2. On-premise file server: Many businesses have in-house servers where they upload their files. But these servers don’t provide the efficiency or tools of easy file management and don’t integrate well with Salesforce. The attachments become difficult to share and can have issues related to security as well. It takes a long time and extensive development effort if one tries to customize and add more features to such storage solutions. Lastly, the servers themselves tend to be slower as compared to more renowned storage solutions.
  3. Document collaboration platforms: Dropbox, SharePoint, and Google Drive are some of the most common storage solutions today. But even these can cause a hassle when it comes to bulk file uploading or sharing, especially for Salesforce. None of these come with unlimited storage either.

DocuVault seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and overcomes all the issues as mentioned above.

But how does one migrate their existing document dump from their legacy systems to DocuVault?

The Utility tool

The most notable feature of DocuVault is the utility tool. A one-time tool that allows massive bulk uploads should one choose to migrate 100s of GBs of data onto DocuVault. This tool ensures the seamless upload of thousands of files while securely retaining their settings. The utility tool migrates documents from any existing system to AWS S3 and enables easy file access from within Salesforce.

Reasons why DocuVault works better

Hence, DocuVault is superior for most businesses that are also signed onto Salesforce. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Integration with amaon S3
  • Secure network protocols
  • Easy uploading process
  • Archive Salesforce files and attachments

Not just these, DocuVault provides a more convenient user experience when it comes to file management, especially for Salesforce users. Switch to DocuVault today!