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Gain and Retain Customers through Email Marketing

Salesforce research shows that in 2023 consumers are thinking extremely critically on where they’ll spend their money, with 81% saying they’ll reassess their budget over the next 12 months.

Retail brands face the most uncertainty with upto 80% consumers looking to reassess their spending in retail, followed by 78% the Travel and hospitality sector and media and 70% for entertainment sector respectively.

While consumers want to reduce spending, their expectations from the businesses they patronise remain high as ever. With 72% of consumers saying they’ll remain loyal to companies that deliver faster service and 65% of consumers would consider staying loyal to a brand if it offers them a more personalised experience. Consumers today are aware of how much of their digital self is online. They expect brands to collect and use this data to provide them a more relevant, personalised experience during their interactions.

Email marketing is one of the most convenient and efficient way to build relationships with your customers. The right messaging and simple information can promote your business in a very cost friendly way. Personalized emails campaigns are a great way to showcase your brand.

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing can drive brand loyalty, 65% customers lean more towards personalized emails that directly appeal to them.

  1. Conversions: as your emails get consistent open rates, you can get regular conversions and generate revenue by delivering relevant information about your products. One can also add links that directly lead to products or services.
  2. Brand awareness: as you keep customers engaged, emails can help build your brand. Digital marketing emphasises a lot on emails as they can be targeted towards audiences of specific age, location, buying history and more. Hence your audience gets exactly what it’s looking for, and hence you get higher engagement.
  3. Promotion of content: your can market pretty much anything via emails. Not just your products, it can social content, blogs, resources or updates about your company that could shed some light on how well your business is performing.
  4. Cost effective

Types of email marketing:

  1. Newsletter: the most common type of marketing emails, newsletters can be sent out regularly and is a great way to stay relevant in the eyes of your customers. Newsletters can be about company updates, thought leadership, or announcements.
  2. Promotional: running a new offer. An email is a great way to talk about it. Drive downloads and conversions by marketing deals and new updates about products. These can also be seasonal in nature.
  3. Relational: building relationships with customers is important. Whether it’s a simple welcome email, blog articles, surveys and social updates, it’s important to show your customers you value their opinion. Here you can also plug in your social channels.
  4. Interactive: the most fun emails for your customers are the ones with clickable components. You can design emails that enable customers to add items to cart, watch videos, book meetings without leaving the page, much like a website. Interactive emails can also be updated in real time, even after being sent, letting you personalise the content whenever.
  5. Revival emails: 30% users usually churn out after a point. It’s important to regularly reach out to them, remind them about any latest offers and updates, and try to get them back.

How to personalize and optimize your emails?

The Salesforce platform is one the best when it comes to sending out marketing emails. Salesforce Marketing cloud campaign management has many tools that can help you create and manage great email marketing campaigns.

But, there are some limitations of using The native Salesforce emailing app. The emails are not unlimited, a company can send a specific number or emails a day based on its licence. Usually it’s 5000 per day.
Additionally the size limit on every email is 35 GB which may not be enough for attached media. If you have the developer or trial license, you can’t send more than 10 emails a day.

So what’s the solution?

Apps like Contacto can be utilized to send mass emails within Salesforce without a hassle. Since it’s Essentially built on the Salesforce platform, there’s no need to learn anything new.

Contacto also leverages leading email platforms like AWS, simple email service and Pardot for email delivery. Hence delivering transactional emails, scheduling recurring emails, and sending marketing communications, is quite easy. When your customers get timely updates which are customized to their preferences, you can rest assured they’ll stay loyal to you.

Contacto also has no limit on the number of emails and is a sure shot way to stay in touch with target customers with seamless customization options.