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Caspian manages quick growth and social impact with Salesforce Managed Services by Bigworks.

Bigworks Managed Services Helps Caspian Make a Quicker Social Impact

Caspian has benefitted in more ways than one after signing up for Bigworks, a managed services consultant. A registered Investment Adviser with SEBI, Caspian invests equity and debt capital in socially responsible, high-quality enterprises in India, to generate social and/or environmental impact combined with a competitive financial return. With a track record of making investments and supporting some of the best-known social impact enterprises, they look for companies with innovative business models and high-quality entrepreneurs that deliver through social and/or environmental performances.
Caspian is a Certified B Corporation, which means it’s a for-profit company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems ethically and transparently. Caspian is the first Indian Impact Investing firm to be granted this certification.

Salesforce Managed Service

Managing Rapid Growth

To manage their loan disbursements and related documentation, Caspian relied majorly on Salesforce. They engaged Salesforce as their Loan Origination System to simplify their initial application and approval process and used Salesforce Customer Community for handling their customer’s loan application processes. Apart from Salesforce, they also engaged Nelito, a banking software solution as their Loan Management System.

While both these programs were seamlessly integrated, Caspian was growing rapidly and so was the need for constant customization and development. While the needed changes were made, it was gradually getting difficult for Caspian to keep up as well as respond quickly to the business needs simultaneously.

Since there was a need for regular modifications to their Salesforce functionality, they felt that external salesforce managed service providers would help ease their situation by providing salesforce resources with a strong product and industry expertise.

Working Out The Solutions

After analyzing their Salesforce functioning thoroughly and identifying that they have continuous development needs, which in turn increased their time to enhance their business, a complete restructuring was taken up in a phased manner alongside agile development and support.

Shortly after Bigworks offered its best Salesforce remote admin and software developers, customizations were made as per the best standard practices and the right processes were set up to enable quicker updates, changes, and deployment. Apart from that, Caspian also scaled up the resources with Bigworks whenever needed to meet their high volumes at certain periods.

Bigworks Salesforce managed service focused on enhancing Caspian’s Salesforce platform so they could help more businesses that make a social impact. It was more than just day-to-day support of managing users, creating reports and dashboards, or fixing errors.

Furthering The Support

Beyond the support that Bigworks Salesforce remote admin offered, diverse and experienced salesforce talent was provided to Caspian, which ensured that they were always up to date with the best practices of salesforce and proactively provided innovative solutions. Furthermore, there was a steep reduction in their excessive costs, which helped them save some money.