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Benefits of a document management system integrated with Salesforce

Why you need a document management system that is tightly integrated with salesforce!

Seamless document management is an essential part of every successful business, since it makes your organization more accountable, which builds trust with your customers and speeds up your organization’s pace of execution, leading to happy customers, which leads to growth. However, given different stakeholders, platforms and processes, it’s difficult to sync all the documents in one place, especially for startups and growing businesses.

As many businesses deal with Salesforce products and the platform itself, a significant challenge that arises is that the document management systems have to be compliant with the Salesforce platform.

Native vs 3rd party system

If you are a user of any salesforce product you probably also have access to the native salesforce file management system. But as it comes with its own limitations you probably also store your files on a different file management system like Google Drive or one Drive. And what does this lead to? Leads to you having documents into different places at a time and many other problems like:

  1. Not being able to find the right information easily
  2. Not being able to share files seamlessly
  3. Not being able to manage permissions for viewing sharing and editing
  4. Not being able to keep track of information at all times

So what do you do? You opt for a document management system that is integrated within salesforce thus keeping all your files in one place. This document management system must be in compliance with the salesforce platform, enabling you to keep your data safely stored in a single spot that is accessible by your team members and also saving you the cost of opting for any other third-party apps.

  1. Scalability

    The native salesforce document management system has quite a lot of limitations when it comes to file storage size.

    For example, while uploading files in a native Salesforce document management system, the file size is limited to 2gb via web and 100 mb via a mobile device at a time. Which might not be flexible enough for growing businesses

    Additionally, the native DMS requires purchasing of licenses’ to expand or customize the file storage according to a business’s changing needs and requirements. Hence it makes more sense to opt for a third party one like DocuVault, Xfiles or Box.

  2. Flexibility and efficiency

    When all the files are available in one spot, it is easy for every team member to access, search or share files. Rather than browsing through two different file management systems one can simply look for a file and find it with just a click.

    Another common problem many run into is management of external versus internal documentation. A document management system integrated within salesforce will allow you to set permissions and share files without having to worry about creating new Versions. Hence your team will be more productive Than ever without having to waste time finding the right information at the right time.

  3. Security and compliance

    Having two different file management systems also creates the problem of data manipulation. You have to share a file with an external person, how do you ensure the data is not manipulated or cannot be read by anybody else?

    The right file management system you can password protect your files ensuring your data remains safe and secure. The ideal file management system also lets you share non-editable documents.

Those were the factors one should consider while opting for a document management system compatible with Salesforce. Whether the business is a startup or a multinational one, the right DMS makes a ton of difference.