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Automated workflow and email marketing: A game changer!

Automated workflow and email marketing: A game changer!

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is when a manual, tedious task is converted into an automated one. It makes it easier and faster for the company and its employees to get repetitive tasks done. 

It can be as simple as automating one single task such as entering user information or verifying customer info.

Workflow automation in email marketing 

Email automation and email marketing go hand-in-hand like curd rice, or wine and cheese. According to data, automated emails get 199% more clicks when compared to traditional emails, and also reduce marketing spend by 80%. 

Thus not only does your email marketing campaign bring you more leads and retention, but at the same time reduces your operational cost.

How do you go about doing it? It comes down to finding the right application through which you can automate email marketing, collect and analyse customer data to help your teams create a personalized experience. Once you have your hands on the right email marketing application you can send out a variety of emails and automated messages that can prove highly beneficial to your business. Let’s take a look at some examples. 

  1. In case you have an ecommerce business: automated emails can direct customers directly to your website and create a boost in sales. Emails here can be specially essential as you can send out welcome emails, offers, reminders for purchases. 
  2. Newsletters: 83% of B2B businesses use email newsletters as a part of their strategy. As newsletters can keep your audience engaged consistently while you send out updates about your company and customise your messaging over time. 
  3. Revival and retention: With records of customer history, interest, sales quotes the right automated system can send out timely reminders and offers. This is also known as targeted advertisements, which research shows that up to 30% of your customers will respond to.
  4. Updates: Once your client has completed a demo, purchased a new subscription or simply enquired about a service, the first thing to do is to send them an automated email about the same. Whether it presents gratitude or is simply reassurance of timely customer care, it’s important to consistently be in touch with your customer.  This can be best achieved with automated emails. 

Ideal Email automation software

Now that we have discussed what you can get out of automated emails, here are some features of that an ideal automated email software should have: 

  1. Easy to integrate: The right email marketing solution will be CRM friendly so that it can be effective when clubbed with your other systems and processes. For example Contacto is an email marketing software that can help you conduct business practices’ within salesforce. 
  2. Easy to use: This  One goes without saying, the solution should be easy to use by the likes of everyone, whether it’s developers or marketing executives. 
  3. Data Driven: Automated email marketing can work wonders for your business with the right data. It’s essential for small businesses to collect and analyse customer data so that they can create campaigns to identify their core demographic and their habits. This is exactly what the right email marketing solution will help them achieve, by delivering clear and reliable automated services for their customers.