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Here’s why Contacto for Salesforce is most preferred and ridiculously beneficial.

Native Salesforce App - Nothing Alien

With the coherent integration of Contacto with Saleforce, it almost works like Salesforce itself. Contacto is completely built on the Saleforce platform, and sending emails are as easy as pie.

Email Easily Through Any Salesforce Object

Most apps are limited as they send emails to the data that’s stationed with leads and contacts only. Nonetheless, with Contacto you can send emails based out of any Salesforce object. The only requirement is that the record needs to contain an email address!


Evade Leads/Contacts Limitations

You can send unlimited emails to your prospects/customers considering that there is no limit on the number of leads or contacts in Salesforce. The more you grow your email list, the more is your reach, and the bigger is your audience.

Customize And Utilize

Companies can leverage Salesforce customisation tools like Apex, Visualforce and Process flows to extend the capability of Contacto and utilize the optimum potential of the app.

Eliminate Unwanted Syncs

Data syncing to third party apps for email delivery is absolutely needless. Unlike other apps which sync leads/contacts to their own platforms to send emails; with Contacto, it’s a major burden removed.

Ably Control The Sender Email

While sending an email, users can select the sender email. The sender email can be a Salesforce record owner, record creator, custom user field, or custom email address.

Contacto High Email Deliverability

Be Rest Assured Of High Deliverability.

Contacto leverages leading email sending services like Amazon, SES, and Pardot as these services have an outstanding email delivery, inturn providing you the best technology. Emails can be sent from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and/or Custom Cloud.

Forward Recurring Emails Conveniently

Send recurring emails on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. Sending payment reminders for open invoices, renewal notifications, and forwarding monthly statements are just a click away. It’s the most effective way to create one-to-one relationships with your customer.

contacto Forward Recurring Emails
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Understand Your Customer Behaviour

Exceed your business goals, and drive more revenue by leveraging our Salesforce reporting and dashboard to track emails opens, clicks and unsubscribes. After you send out emails, we bring together the statistics into your Salesforce platform, so that management of the emails happen effectively.