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Adopt a document management system to lessen your carbon impact

Adopt a document management system to lessen your carbon impact

Green, net-zero, and carbon-neutral are phrases that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the corporate sector. The quantity of carbon or greenhouse gases created as a result of our actions is referred to as our carbon footprint.

Despite measures such as recycling old paper, studies reveal that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. That equates to 20 reams of 500 sheets!

Businesses that use Salesforce for various business processes are aware that storage capacity in Salesforce is already limited, and while it may appear easier to write things down on paper or keep data on a word file someplace, doing so will only result in confusion, along with time, and resource waste.

Going paperless offers several advantages, ranging from time and money savings to environmental protection. Digitizing document management is an often ignored yet strong option that may bring about significant and ‘green’ improvements in business. Here’s how an electronic document management system, like DocuVault can help you lower your carbon footprint.

Efficient Space Utilization

Because a corporation has a plethora of different systems, documents are produced all over the place. By using a document management system (DMS), users ensure consistent access to all documents across different user groups and systems. With a DMS, users can also get a full overview of all business transactions at any point in time.

Physical business documentation procedures generate a large amount of paperwork, necessitating physical storage space. Organizations that require a big amount of paperwork would need to purchase a larger place over time. You can minimise the requirement for physical storage by implementing a document management system, which eliminates the demand for a larger location. This lowers operational expenses and gives you additional storage space.

Cloud-based storage service much like DocuVault , lets you securely upload documents, images, and videos using 256-bit AES encryption. It is a simple solution for successfully managing and organising all types of files.

Cost savings on equipment and supplies

Any firm must have business equipment in order to function. However, this is not the case when the equipment is old or out of date. Filing cabinets, printers, paper, toner, ink, repairs, and maintenance costs are no longer sound investments for any firm since a data management system eliminates the need for all of these with improved efficiency. Reduce the acquisition and maintenance of such equipment to reduce unnecessary supply costs and lessen your company’s carbon impact.

Businesses and organisations can significantly minimise their paper use by using an online Document Management System. There are extra benefits to using a Cloud DMS because cloud computing is recognised for saving enterprises a significant amount of time, money, and headache.

DocuVault lets you scan and store every paper document you can think of. Get it all stored online so you can get rid of the paper nightmare lurking in your office.Documents saved in the cloud are easier to restore in the event of a disaster. As a result, a DMS helps to decrease the expenses associated with misfiled and lost documents. According to Connected Technology, it costs a corporation $120 to hunt for a misfiled document and $250 to reconstruct a lost document.

OCR Reduces Traditional IT & Server Costs

There are several reasons why an organisation should use a document management system. However, the key advantage for most businesses is search and optical character recognition (OCR). That means being able to search through all of your company’s or firm’s papers, cases, and notes quickly and effectively – and always find what you’re looking for.

Your organisation will be more successful in searching your data storage, even if it is massive (terabytes), and locating the exact document you’re looking for with a cloud-based document management system.

Going digital is even more important for businesses that need to sift through large amounts of paperwork because it saves hundreds (possibly thousands) of human hours spent searching through documents with a single search string using a powerful OCR tool that can pick up words from scanned documents, photographs, and read-only documents like PDF files and graphics.

Enhance the Business Workflow

The more time your workers spend at work being bogged down by manual operations like walking to the printer, fax machine, and file cabinets, the less time they have to perform what actually counts. With a DMS like DocuVault, all of your corporate documents are electronically saved and organised in a way that makes sense for your company process and access requirements. Your whole organisation gets access to the same data, allowing for more informed choices. Given all of the benefits of Cloud services, the sky is the limit.

When document storage is automated, it is much easier to find errors, repair them, and send the file back to the source for correction or final approval. Corrections to paper-based documents must be done by hand, and fresh iterations of the documents and adjustments must be created. DMS allows you to draught and amend files in progress without leaving your desktop programme, eliminating the need to log off of your work computer before sending email. All in turn, resulting in increased productivity.


Simply said, paper is wasteful! Everything that goes into the production of paper is wasteful. Paper leads to problems such as air pollution, deforestation, and water contamination, and it wastes vital resources such as oil, electricity, and clean water. A document management system is essential for any organisation looking to reduce operating costs and carbon impact.

A cloud solution allows you to focus on your business rather than on servers and IT issues. Furthermore, your data and papers are less likely to be lost or damaged. The technology streamlines your operations and increases customer and staff satisfaction. If your business hasn’t yet decided to move towards cloud services, maybe it’s time to look up.