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Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s newest edition is here to increase your productivity by 10,000%

Salesforce rolls out the new edition of Marketing Cloud for small businesses: what does it bring to the table?

Over the last year or so, AI has been the talk of the town. The conversation has been impossible to escape. While companies and governments are rushing to incorporate AI in their respective policies and products claiming to increase efficiency by 10,000%, on the flip side there are equally many people, saying that the current trend of generative AIs is nothing more than glorified chatbots.

But amidst all this, Generative AI hasn’t been seen in full swing. All that might be about to change though with Salesforce’s new edition of the Marketing Cloud, especially for email marketing.  

Salesforce announced a new edition of Marketing Cloud on February 20, 2024. 

The new edition of Marketing Cloud essentially combines CRM, Data and AI in one place. So all your customers and the various interactions they’ve had with you and your business can be interpreted and acted upon by Generation AI tools. 

With these tools, you can:

  1. Email segmentation:  involves categorizing your email recipients into smaller groups in order to deliver tailored information that is relevant to each group. The new edition of Marketing Cloud helps your marketing team to segment your audience based on natural language prompts. This is great, because segments allow for more personalized and targeted content, thus improving conversions and lead generation. 
  2. Content: Your marketing department can create campaigns and content in just a few minutes. With just a few generative AI prompts campaigns can be outlined, briefs drafted, segments created and emails written. Humans are kept in the loop throughout the whole process so edits are made and the right stuff gets sent out. On top of this you can also train the AI in real time with every campaign that’s sent out, thus ensuring that the campaign your AI spits out gets better every time!
  3. CRM: Create unified profiles for your customers. This record offers a comprehensive perspective, presenting a full spectrum of your users, including visitors, customers, prospects, and subscribers. It covers all interactions, both online and offline, that individuals engage in with your company. Helping you create better segmentations and more personalized content.
  4. Data cloud: This allows you to create a birds eye view of customers across marketing, sales, commerce and service and take actions accordingly. Additionally you can work on customer feedback and tailor their journeys. 
  5. Einstein 1: natively connects to Data Cloud to create a better experience with AI to increase profit margins. Also, Einstein integrates customer data with LLMs to ensure brand voice consistently and complete security. 

Given all of the above, the new and updated Salesforce marketing cloud is set to make waves for businesses. Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms which branches out into documentation, emails, project management and much more. The new marketing cloud enables you to access all of its products together to make one perfect strategy and maximize revenue.