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Here are some key
features that we bring
to your enterprise


We bring to you the perfect amalgamation of the various aspects of Project Management like Task Management, Time Tracking etc by creating a powerful app that is bound to nurture an efficient workforce.

Track Project Profitability & Track Project timelines with ease.

Task Tracking

Track Task Progress, Task Estimates & Task Profitability by Internal Cost and Revenue.
Use various views to showcase your task overview

Time Tracking

Have a bird’s eye view of everything that has been happening around the workplace. Know which team is working on what and have decisions made on the fly.

Single Time Entry, Multiple Time Entries & Time Clock ensure amazing tracking.

File Management​

Use native Salesforce Files and Attachments Integrate with Dropbox, Box or DocuVault

Workflows and

Managers can approve time entries submitted by their respective teams members. Businesses can also build their own custom Workflows and Approvals using Salesforce flows and approval processes.

Reports & Dashboards

Get real-time insight into the state of your team’s work and everything you need to take action—without leaving Salesforce.

Set goals, track progress, and manage resources more effectively with powerful reporting features.
Build your own custom reports and dashboards using native Salesforce reporting.


Salesforce Chatter and Slack Integration