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Offshore Development for Salesforce

Seamless operations that enhance your practice for salesforce and is what an offshore development partner offers. Such partnership gets even better when your offshore service provider comes with an experience of managing good communication systems, product knowledge gathered over implementing 100 + projects in different industry domains, screening system to recruit the best resources and ability to align project scale as per its needs. BIGWORKS does it all and also mitigates risk for its partners while we keep the hire and train cycle active all the time.

BIGWORKS has implemented over 500 projects working with both partners and customers, across the globe. This experience has created a strong team that can effortlessly produce solutions. All our offshore partnership models are designed to offer key features which further help in unloading your work, bringing down costs and helping you attain sustained growth.

BIGWORKS as an Offshore Partner

Part of your team: Our team is yours and we connect with your clients as one brand. This synergy unifies the objective that needs to be achieved by your client. This is supported by mitigating risk through maintaining a healthy bench strength all round the delivery process.

Integrate implementation and development teams: Our solution experts come with both knowledge of project implementation and process evolution who understand technology and delivery efficiency.

Screening systems: To have enriched system flow we have a screening phase that certifies our recruits to be a part of a given implementation process. The screening system distills talent with sound communication skills, domain & technical knowledge and process experience. Our training modules developed for holistic team enhancement reflect in assuring better project results.

Technology meets business: Our technology team understands various business functions and hence collaborate with your resources to seamlessly close the loop from sales to delivery.

Top gear infrastructure: We have built a holistic infrastructure that includes resource, technical and process related infrastructure.

We implement processes and drive them on a path to success. We design Products, unite People and accelerate Processes.

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